Cryologic - Freeze Control
Freeze Control

Freeze Control systems are controlled rate, Liquid Nitrogen freezers precision engineered for cryopreservation of biological specimens. Systems are modular. Each consists of a temperature controller, cryochamber and cryobath. The chamber stands directly in Liquid Nitrogen in the specimens. No special installation is required systems can be quickly set up, and packed away, by the user.

Freeze Control systems provide a patented and reliable method for heat transfer and temperature regulation in the freezing of biological material for long term preservation and viable recovery.

Freeze Control

Freeze controller allows convenient access for manual seeding

Unique Design which allows the temperature to be precisely specific

It accurately maintains at all time

Compact & light weight & easy to move from place to place

Freeze control CL 8800i system

Carry Case

User Manual

USB Cord

Power Cord

CryoGenesis Software

Internal Temperature Programs

I term program - protocol